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omega strain


About Omega Strain

A relatively hard to find strain, Omega is the lovechild of multiple handpicked strains that provide a showstopper of a plant. Rogue Buds has cultivated this strain for years and has crossed White Widow, Kush, New York Diesel, and Permafrost to create a blend as magical as it is elusive. While it’s certainly a hybrid, its indica to sativa ratio is unknown.Omega Strain

Omega gives users a high level of THC, ranging from 15% to 26%, allowing for the ultimate in mind and body relaxation. Nugs are rather pale with a delicate layer of sparkling trichomes, and the smell and taste of this bud are strong yet pleasing. Menthol, pine, sweet citrus, and earthy notes all blend together for an aromatic experience that’s sure to please.Omega Strain

Recommended for both recreational and medicinal benefits, this strain is known for giving users a strong euphoria and quickly imparts body tingles that are pleasant and relaxing. Many note that it’s a hard-hitting high, with half of a pre-roll being more than enough to do the job. Those who want to enjoy a nice night at home after a long day will appreciate the mood-boosting qualities of Omega without feeling overly energized.Omega Strain

Great for depression, stress, and body pain, Omega works wonders on muscle tension and more chronic health conditions like anxiety and difficulty with daily functioning. Individuals with inflammation reach for this strain quite frequently, and it even helps with nausea. Despite being a great antidote for aches and pains, Omega can induce a headache, so smoke with caution.Omega Strain

This strain flowers nicely when grown indoors as well as outside, providing the potential for a year-round supply. Its resilient nature makes it a nice choice when you need something that’s mold and mildew resistant and produces beautiful flowers that smell great.

Omega is a balanced hybrid that’s great for getting things done without feeling jittery as well as providing a relaxing and calm headspace. Use it during the day or at night to take away any negative thoughts and have a happy high.


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