Lemon Tree


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Lemon Tree is an uplifting  sativa w/ a pleasantly sweet/citrus aroma!


The Lemon Tree strain hasn’t been around that long – only since 2014 – but it’s become something of a legend anyway. If you want to know whether Lemon Tree actually lives up to the hype, keep reading. We’ll explain everything you need to know about Lemon Tree weed, from its background to how to grow it to exactly how good it will make you feel.

Lemon Tree Strain Background

There aren’t many perfectly balanced strains, but the Lemon Tree strain is one of them. First created by crossing Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, this strain is a fresh, lemony experience that’s exactly 50/50 indica-sativa. While the original grower is unknown, it’s now most often produced by Creekside as a tasty, tantalizing strain.

It came out of nowhere to become an award-winner, too. In 2014, Lemon Tree one Best Hybrid at both the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup and the San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup, launching it from obscurity into stardom. THC content varies, but it averages about 20%; respectable but not excessive. As with many balanced strains, it offers a buzzy high with a relaxed, comfortable comedown. Most importantly, it offers a flavor that lemon-lovers adore.

How Lemon Tree Strain Smells and Tastes

The Lemon Tree name is a clear indication of just what you can expect. This strain has a fresh, citrusy smell that will immediately remind you of summertime glasses of lemonade. As you spend some time with it, you’ll notice a hint of earthiness creeping in, a holdover from the strain’s Lemon Skunk parentage.

The flavor is no surprise, either. The skunky, herbal flavor comes out a little more, while the lemon-citrus taste remains as strong as ever.


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