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About Herbivore Edibles

There’s something so naturally wacky about the universe of cannabis. Herbivore runs towards that wackiness and has designed a wide selection of excellent quality edible marijuana products. Located in Vancouver, Canada, Herbivore is leading the charge in creative and fresh edible goods. As mainstream culture continues to learn about the amazing benefits of Mary J, there are some visionaries like Herbivore that do their best to explore how to transform consumers’ experiences with weed. Herbivore takes a refreshing and youth approach to supplying cannabis patients and consumers with delicious and effective products. The increasing growing variety of tincturescandies, chewies, and syrups will dazzle you.

Herbivore has been around on the weed scene and in recent years has made their retro styles presence well known through Canada. They do a wonderful job of playing with humor and creating tasty chocolate bars and gummies that mimic larger named brand candy snacks. Herbivore makes these goods with the best THC and with their own recipe for delicious aromas, combined flavors, and new candies to experiment with.

The wide array of sugary blasts, cotton candy look alike fluffs, and syrups will have you foaming at the mouth for some delectable goodness. Since these wonderful delights come ready in these fun colored bags, using any of Herbivore’s products comes with the warning for keeping away from the kiddos. Some fruity gummies like Banana Blasts can easily be mistaken for a daytime fruit snack.

You don’t have to look any further for edibles that are going to get you pumped for your weed session. You can choose from retro-style fun dipped designs of colorful fruits, sugar-coated chewies, chocolate nugget pieces, and simple pastry rolls. And all these edibles come in some pretty dope vivacious colors that make you excited to dive in!

Herbivore is here for every single body. Even man’s best friend! There’s even an extensive line of growing THC dog treats that will help calm your pet at any time. Who knew that we would live in a world where Scooby-Doo and Shaggy could become a reality?! It’s about to become an even more hysterical world once you experience a gummy or try a chocolate caramel chocolate nugget. Herbivore continues to play around with potency and candy recipes that work for a multitude of physical and emotional purposes. These products work wonders for both recreational cannabis and patient cannabis users.

Taking Herbivore edibles and syrups with you to work, on a hike, on the road or before bed will transform your overall mood and bring you a joyful encounter unlike with other edibles. You won’t be bored and you will be smacked with some wild new flavors as well as some classic tastes of notorious weed combos like chocolate and THC or chocolate peanut butter and THC. Using these treats will make pain management more accessible. The potent doses of THC in each piece of these edibles elevate you to planet Mars. If you suffer from major depressive disorders or have chronic physical disorders like arthritis and or serve insomnia, Herbivore has got you covered! THC infused syrups like Herbivore’s Chocolate Syrup or Honey Syrups will pair well with milk or tea to provide you a general sense of calm and peace of mind during your fulfilling body high.

You can have Herbivore pastries as the perfect dessert to truly set the tone for the rest of your evening. Whether that involves a restful night in or something to take the edge off after a long day, you can pick from THC infused Twonkies, Swift Rolls, and Cherry Logs! Herbivores Edibles do not fall short in power and deliciousness. Supplying this fresh alternative as opposed to normal smoke sessions or dabbing on the move, Herbivores edibles provide clean and precisely dosed pastries, chocolate bars, Popsicle, and tinctures that will truly expand your horizons on the powers of the marijuana plant.

Mary Jane just keeps on shape shifting through the years and in 2020 has found her way into some of the best edibles on the market with Herbivore. Hinting at the authenticity and positive humor of retro-inspired smoking options, Herbivore has honed in on their brand. Adding some fun to the mix will always brighten your spirits when you place a bag or two of Herbivores’ gummies or syrups on the table. Getting high is no longer just sitting in a Walmart parking lot after hours and packing a bowl. Weed has glowed up. There are quicker ways to get high with dabs and waxes, and there are more effective ways to experience that famous full-body, out of body stone with edibles. Herbivore cares about giving cannabis patients the ultimate encounter and quality usage of their THC products.

Fun candies like cotton candy edible fluffs for you and turkey jerky edible treats for your pet leave you and your furry family on cloud nine. Other edible brands carry a more serious undertone of ‘getting stone’ without the liveliness and entertainment element factored into an individual’s high experience. Herbivore transports you back to the 1990s with colors that pop and classic tastes that deliver! Consumers are going to fall in love with some of their favorite sweets that just happen to have a dash of the devil’s lettuce evenly infused throughout.

Trying any of the fantastically fun products from Herbivores’ edible lineup will be a wise weed choice. Have fun while expanding your top selection of edibles with Herbivores. Canada needs some enlightening moods during some trying times. Herbivore gives consumers a sense of security by presenting so many tasty options from chocolate to chewies, to desserts and syrups.

This much in-store is just the beginning of their innovative recipes for recreating some of the world’s favorite guilty pleasure snacks. Herbivore is here to really service the wonderful marijuana consumers of Canada. If there’s one thing to be noted about marijuana and is that weed will also prevail in some form or fashion. In Herbivore’s case, long live the edibles! Herbivore is here to stay.

Herbivores Edibles provide customers with a unique offering of their most popular cannabis infused sour gummies, allowing anyone to find their own personal favourites! With 6 pieces of candy per package, these are awesome for personal indulgence and even better when shared!


6 x 25mg THC per candy, 150mg THC per package

Available Flavors

Banana Blasts

Who needs chocolate when you have an awesome power punch of sweetness with Banana Blast Gummies from Herbivore Edibles?! Excellent in taste, these gummies from Herbivore come packaged in a wacky banana design inside and out. Herbivore presents distinct medicinal alternative cannabis products. For lucky weed consumers, the strong potency is significant and helpful for various ailments and mental illness symptoms.

These Banana Blast Gummies resemble a marshmallow texture but is a THC gummy that comes in a colorful packaging made for medicinal use. Herbivore adds its own slight tropical twist to the original banana flavor. The high you’ll encounter with these juicy snacks is a couch stone that radiates throughout. Banana Blast from Herbivore can be taken as needed for pain or stress management throughout the day. Having one or two gummies, and letting it settle in after about an hour will give you instant alleviation from chronic pain disorders like muscle spasms, split shins, flat foot aches, and other disorders. Popping a few of these gummy treats before bed can also help with fatigue and work as a powerful sleep aid as well.

Herbivore’s Banana Blasts can also be eaten as dessert to compliment any meal with a classic sweetness. Since these gummies look and taste great, similar to a kids’ fruit snack, keep out of reach of children. However, the beauty with these gummies is that you can’t even taste the THC and the high does justice to your stoner experience. Gummies and other edibles are on the new wave of the ultimate stoner experience. With Banana Blast from Herbivore, you get a fun-filled package of sweet and tropical banana-flavored gummies that will have you craving for more.

Blue Foot Blasts

If you paid attention in biology class, then you’re familiar with the blue-footed boobies, a sweet bird that dances when mating. Herbivore has managed to get a dazzling dancing flavor of tangy blue raspberry packed into their Blue foot Blasts Gummies! Herbivore cares about supplying delicious flavor into each of their edible treats. With Blue Foot Blasts, consumers can anticipate a mood boost with a savory blueberry and raspberry aroma.

These edible gummies are perfect for getting high without feeling drowsy or heavy. After taking two or three of the Blue Foot Blasts, you can actually function while high getting this energetic kick that settles in within an hour. You can take as much as you need to get you through a session or the day. Herbivore looks to assuring consumers of the quality and potency of the THC infused into their edibles. Blue Foot Blasts surges you with giggles while helping your body recuperate and can be alleviated of chronic physical and emotional stressors. The powerfully sweet taste does not overpower your tastebuds but instead gives you the sugary energy hike that you need.

Herbivore has added Blue Foot Blast Gummies to a line of awesome new flavors that stray outside the normal weed-infused candy treats. When you taste these gummies you will find a daytime relaxation coping tool to soothe the body and relax the mind in a wave of blue raspberry flair. These gummies are simple yet effective and have so many helpful uses for pain management and other ailment symptoms. Trying Herbivore’s Blue Foot Blast Gummies means you will encounter an easy new flavor that gets the job done for any fortunate stoner!

Buzzy Peaches

Something about sour sugar just makes for the perfect blend. Buzzy Peaches Gummies from Herbivore add that perfect combo onto these dollop drops of juicy and THC infused peach gummies. Buzzy Peaches Gummies also comes in CBD form as well. These well-balanced cannabis snacks are excellent and invigorating for any weed consumers looking for that extra oomph to get them through the day. These peachy sour sweets are essential when it comes to disruptive anxiety disorders or intense social situations. So taking a few gummies can help ease the nerves and pacify any immediate worries you may have. The high kicks in but then mellow out over the course of your experience.

Buzzy Peaches Gummies looks as good as they taste with that juicy, sweet peach flavoring, and the best part is that you can’t even taste the THC. Herbivore does well to equally blend a precise amount of delicious edible flavors with clean THC that is strong and does just the trick for your marijuana needs. Buzzy Peaches Gummies are crafted to resembles that iconic peach appeal and once you pop two in your mouth, the fizzy wild adventure truly begins for your body and all the awesome cerebral effects to come. Always use any edible product with discretion, but with Herbivore don’t hold back in taking the desired amount of gummies you need to help with whatever body stressor, outside influence, or internal emotional battle you may be dealing with. Find comfort in something peachy with Herbivore’s Buzzy Peaches Gummies.

Candy Colas

Herbivore’s newest flavors are out fo this world! And their new Candy Colas Gummies give that fizzy alternative to other refreshing fruity flavors. With the Candy Colas Gummies, you will almost forget that you’re eating a THC edible. These gummies come packaged in a sour coating cola bottle shaped gummy. Candy Colas Gummies from Herbivore is a shock to the system.

You will enjoy that classic and refreshing Cola taste with a bit of fizzy sour and sweet combination. Candy Colas Gummies can be mixed and matched with other wonderful Herbivore Gummy flavors for the ultimate sour/sweet power punch. These gummies are great to have on the go and to use for basic emotional needs and mood swings. Having one or two Candy Colas Gummies enhances your overall mood giving consumers an immediate euphoric impact that can improve creative flows. This playful and delightful candy gummy adds a layer of smiles, and laughter to improve the stoner experience especially in social settings like kickbacks or parties.

Candy Cola Gummies are an easy and flavorful combination that works to help your body find a way to loosen up tensions quickly while guiding you off into a high that is a fizzy and tongue tangling sugar rush. Edible gummies have grown to be the ultimate way to go as a quick alternative to other edible cuisines such as brownies. Candy Cola gummies takes sugar to a new level and you don’t get that earthy THC taste. These gummies are designed to give you the energy you need to work through painful disorders and fatigue as well as emotional stressors.  Herbivore delivers in quality THC that helps you unwind.

Cherry Colas

THC and CBD both do their jobs working throughout the human body to assure either the ultimate dopamine release or the most powerful calming sensation that resonates all over your body and spirit. Herbivore has some dope Cherry Cola Gummies that comes infused with the best of the best in quality THC extract. We all can appreciate a crisp and refreshing cherry cola drink on a summer day, so just imagine having some equally refreshing and brightening Cherry Cola Gummies to transform your mood for the day. Coming designed in a cherry cola shaped bottle strip, these sugary blasts will fizzle on your tongue and will leave your body in a care-free rapture.

Cherry Cola Gummies brings your senses back to any memorable family cookout or warm day outing. With this explosive wrapping, carrying around these gummies is easy and keeps your exceptionally high plans for the day, on the down-low. After about an hour, Cherry Cola Gummies should run within your body on full gear. Your high can look dazed and pleasant with a light and airy aura of complete relaxation. The fizzy taste will only enhance your connection with your senses at the high evolves throughout your session. These gummies work wonderfully for getting through minimal daytime activities or other small recreational festivities.

For any physical disrupts in your body, you can take two or three of these Cherry Cola Gummies to get rid of a stubborn migraine or upset stomach pains. You may even consume Cherry Cola Gummies even as a pre-dinner snack to wet the palate and make your meal (and high) more enjoyable as well.

Cherry Sours

The sour factor never gets old. There’s just something about having sugar that melts in your mouth and shocks your tastebuds that really gets you going for the day. When you pair that sour component with the sweet and blissful aroma of cherries then you are truly along for a velvet fruity ride. Chery Sour Gummies from Herbivore provides fortunate Mary Jane consumers with a brilliant and dazzling fruit sour treat. These gummies come in handy when you need to spice up a dull evening at home, or when you are working on projects late at night. Whatever the scenario, Cherry Sour Gummies can pull through for you. The cerebral effects while on a Cherry Sour Gummy includes instantaneous euphoria and laughter. The world around you will look and feel hazy and slowed down which can help you feel a wave of peace as you go about completing household tasks or other activities.

Cherry Sour Gummies are filled with dark juicy flavor and some bitter undertones. That fresh fruit scent can be smelled instantly once opening up the bag and you don’t have to stress about that earthy bud taste you might have found in other edibles. The THC extract in these gummies are powerful and vibrant that can make your high slowly layer and build towards bliss. Your body can feel like it flows with everything around it in a new way. The sour tang of Cherry Sours Gummies keeps you alert and more in tune with your physical senses as you experience all its cherry filled wonders. Cherry Sours Gummies from Herbivore makes for an easy chewy treat that delivers maximum THC quality with each piece.

Key Sours

If you can recall that moment from childhood when you first had a sweet and sour candy that made you bunch up your face, then you are going to love Herbivore’s Key Sours. These key, bowl-shaped sour gummies are the perfect childhood treat! Herbivore does not hold back in making gummies that have all the magical powers of weed in bite-sized nibbles. Key Sours are designed to unlock a new and enthralling marijuana experience.

Like most of Herbivore’s edible products, these gummies hold so many medicinal uses that aid with the basics of pain management and emotional symptoms. However, Key Sours works equally as a sedative and as a mood enhancer. You can expect that tingling taste as well as a vibrant high that can awaken your spirits and help you get in touch with more creative outlets during your Mary Jane session alone or with friends. With stressful nights working late or helping out around the house for the week, Key Sours from Herbivore is an excellent manner to power down and explore the depths of yourself.

Edibles have the power to elevate your mind into a new psychoactive realm and with Herbivore cannabis consumers will enjoy a pleasant high that doesn’t overpower you but will affect and heighten your senses. Embrace the experience of Key Sours from Herbivore with positivity and excitement. Simple and clever in the taste combination, Key Sours work to your benefit in providing a worthy stoner journey that will have your body feeling bliss.


Strawberries give that crisp, watery and refreshing spring and summertime vibes that we all crave. Nothing wrong with adding some strawberries to lemonade that can freshen up the mood wherever you are. With Strawbuzzies from Herbivore, add a package of these gummies to your cookout lemonade or special family secret drink, and everyone will be in for a treat on an otherworldly bright-eyed planet. These gummies were crafted for pure joy. Strawbuzzies Gummies are easy to snack on at any time.

Herbivore produced edibles that adhere to various cannabis needs. Strawbuzzies presents a buzzing high that will lift you off your feet once the high settles in after a half hour. Handy for insomnia and chronic fatigue, Strawbuzzies Gummies can make anyone sedated and thoroughly relaxed. Experience a sensation that shakes your entire body awake with a fresh aroma and juicy taste. You also don’t have to wait forever to feel the effects, nor worry about an overwhelming shock to the senses. Taking a few gummies when you’re feeling low can help you turn your low vibrations into fits of laughter with a touch of natural sweetness.

The cerebral effects of Strawbuzzies from Herbivore will make you feel light and easy-going which works perfectly for social settings like group project work, parties, and kickback sessions with friends. Herbivore upholds its standards of premium cannabis-infused products, and Strawbuzzies combine that quality THC with a delicious fruity flavor. Try Strawbuzzies Gummies from Herbivore today and dive into a fruity world of cannabis wonders.

Watermelon Sours

In their fruity line of chewy edibles, Herbivore now has juicy Watermelon Sours. These sour watermelon gummy pieces have so much flavor and crisp taste that you will want to down the whole bag in one sitting. You will fall hard for these small watermelon look-alikes. Watermelon Sours from Herbivore spike your curiosity and increase positive moods once a few of these gummy pieces takes affect. Watermelon Sours will make any day out adventure feel like an otherworldly experience.

Offered a medicinal alternative to normal prescriptions, Watermelon Sours will make your nausea symptoms disappear and give you some relief from stressful fatigue. Using these gummy treats as a sedative to make your nightly rest easier to slip into as well as plentiful and peaceful will change your life. These gummies are potent in a way that your body will stop and radiate as it’s slowly overcome in warmth and fuzzy joy. After two or three gummies, your body will transform only for the better.

Relaxing and spending time indoors would be recommended for the best utilization of these gummies. Ailments such as insomnia and sleep apnea, chronic anxiety disorders, and migraines can all be mitigated once you indulge in a few of these Watermelon Sour pieces. You can focus on falling into bliss or curiosity oblivion to explore under the trance of these gummies. There’s so much to creatively explore in regards to the high you’ll experience. Herbivore does justice to the fulfilling body stone that cannabis users feel while on the Watermelon Sours wave! It’s delicious, simple, and gives the right fruity and sugary notes to carry you through the rest of your high.


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