Heady Implosion Marble Rig


  • GBP: £ 92.58

Heady Implosion Marble Rig

  •  9 inches tall
  • Barrel percolator for awesome filtration
  • 14mm female joint
  • Includes quartz banger nail
  • Beautiful blue glass
  • Implosion marble on side
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Dewar’s joint for sturdy construction
  • Perfect for use with both concentrates and dry herbs

Heady Implosion Marble Rig

The Heady Implosion Marble Rig is the perfect piece for dabbing enthusiasts, and smokers who are just starting to dab! Featuring beautiful blue glass and a barrel percolator, the Heady Implosion Marble Rig will help you and your friends to take clean, high-quality dabs!

Like a bong, the Heady Implosion Marble Rig provides awesome filtration during each dab, thanks to the water chamber and barrel percolator. As you inhale, smoke flows from the dab nail and into the barrel percolator. This glass fixture, which contains plenty of slits, provides the initial layer of filtration for your smoke, removing some of the harsh taste with a diffusing effect. Then, the smoke flows into the water chamber, which also causes the smoke to be smoother– even when taking huge rips. Thanks to the flared mouthpiece and the bent neck, you can keep a tight grip without letting smoke escape, and avoid any potential splashback. With the Heady Implosion Marble Rig, you can enjoy the great taste of your concentrates without worrying about the harsh quality. For an even better dabbing experience, be sure to use a carb cap!Heady Marble Rig

Featuring a beautiful design, the Heady Implosion Marble Rig will keep all of the smokers in your circle interested! This water pipe is crafted with clean blue glass, making it a standout piece in any smoker’s collection! The implosion marble, located on the side of the bong, creates a psychedelic effect and makes for an awesome focal point. And, the yellow and brown features protruding from the water pipe tie the entire piece together.Heady Marble Rig

While the Heady Implosion Marble Rig includes a quartz banger nail, it can easily be used to smoke dry herbs. After removing the dab nail, simply insert a dry herb bowl and enjoy!


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