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Red Congolese : a heady  sativa with a seriously energizing kick. Great flavor that’s difficult it to put a finger on–somewhere in the middle of cheesy, earthy, and sweet. Great for daytime  medication


What Is the Red Congolese Strain?

The primary Red Congolese phenotype is 100% sativa and provides an exceptionally energizing and uplifting high. Users describe Red Congolese’s cerebral effects as clear-headed and focus-enhancing. For this reason, many agree that Red Congolese is an excellent wake and bake strain.

Naturally, this is one you definitely won’t want to smoke before bedtime. Instead, Red Congolese is ideal for morning or early afternoon use.

Red Congolese is ideal for morning or early afternoon use.

Users say that it sets them up nicely for the day by boosting their mood and energy levels. The good news for people in a hurry is that Red Congolese’s effects are fast-acting. The high tends to peak within the first couple of hours. However, some users say its effects can last up to four or five hours.

Some say that Red Congolese gets their creative juices flowing, so it may be a useful option for artistic types.


Let’s just say that the Red Congolese strain isn’t the most beautifully fragrant of cannabis strains out there. Its strong, pungent, earthy smell has been likened to strong-smelling cheese. There are also hints of nuts, but Red Congoles’s pungent cheesy odor mostly overpowers this subtle scent.


Thankfully this strain’s pungent aroma is not indicative of its taste. While some notes present in its aroma carry over to its flavor, they do so in a less noticeable way. They are largely masked by Red Congolese’s fusion of sweet and spicy flavors and herbal and citrusy notes.

Some smokers of this strain say that it has a musky, woody, and spicy aftertaste on the exhale.


As already mentioned, the variety of this strain popular in California with purported Afghani roots has an indica-like appearance. A Red Congolese plant’s vibrant red hairs give it a distinctively fiery appearance as well as its name.


 Red Congolese Strain Grow Info

A Red Congolese plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Most rate it an easy plant to grow, making it a suitable strain for a novice grower.

Red Congolese’s indoor flowering period is slightly longer than your average strain, at 10-11 weeks. Those growing their Red Congolese plant outdoors will have to wait until late October before harvesting.

In terms of its yield, indoors, Red Congolese produces an average return of twelve to sixteen ounces per square meter. Outdoors, Red Congolese growers can expect an average yield of around sixteen ounces per plant. However, with optimal growing conditions, this could be even higher.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest known THC content for a Red Congolese strain is believed to be 21%. This strain is generally fairly potent, though, and typically has an average THC range of between 18-20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest CBD content recorded in a sample of the Red Congolese strain is unknown. However, this strain typically contains less than 2% CBD on average.

Medical Benefits of the Red Congolese Strain

Users say Red Congolese is an excellent choice if you are suffering from chronic fatigue and need an energy boost. Red Congolese’s uplifting cerebral high may also offer temporary relief for those with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. The Red Congolese strain’s mood-enhancing effect may also help to alleviate stress, too.

The Red Congolese strain’s mood-enhancing effect may also help to alleviate stress, too.

Some say that the Red Congolese strain has some pain-relieving qualities. Reviewers of this strain say that it helps sciatic pain, while others recommended it for muscle cramps.

Possible Side Effects of the Red Congolese Strain

The most common side effects experienced by Red Congolese users are cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, some say they felt more anxious, paranoid, or became dizzy after consuming this strain. Others describe experiencing almost psychedelic-type effects from overindulging on this strain.


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