God Bud Strain – The Full Review


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God Bud Strain


When you name a strain God Bud, there’s a good chance people are going to expect a lot from this strain. While this strain’s name is reflective more of its lineage than any particular god-like qualities, the good news is that this creation from Jordan of the Islands is nothing short of heaven-sent.

This strain is a god among mere mortal indica-dominant strains. God Bud is a multi-award winner and was named Best Indica at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. BC Bud Depot also produced this divine strain under the name BC God Bud. As Jordan of the Islands has acknowledged, “this strain has made BC Bud world-renowned.”

What Is the God Bud Strain?

The God Bud strain is an indica-dominant (believed to be 60:40) hybrid strain. This strain is a cross between the sativa Hawaiian and the hybrid Purple Skunk as well as the God strain (hence the name) – a mysterious Canadian strain which little is known about.

In terms of its effects, this strain’s intense euphoric high will have you feeling like a god in no time at all. Smokers of this strain say that its effects are uplifting but also extremely relaxing. The deep body melt feeling that this strain produces makes it the perfect late evening strain just to chill out, relax, and enjoy.


God Bud’s powerful fragrance has been described as a musky yet sweet aroma and is considered to be one of the dankest strains of cannabis in the world. The God Bud strain has a strong, earthy aroma, and some say that this strain’s sweet fragrance has a similar smell to chocolate.


The God Bud strain’s fragrance gives a good indication of its flavor. It has a strong earthy, skunky, pungent, and piney flavor infused with sweeter notes inherited from its parent strain Hawaiian. The danker, earthier flavors are more prevalent on the inhale and the sweeter, almost tropical flavors are detectable on the exhale.


A God Bud plant is quite short and compact and usually grows to about three to four feet in height. This heavily-branched plant produces dense, large buds which are purplish due to its Purple Skunk lineage. God Bud’s flowers are heavily frosted in trichomes, and bright orange pistils grow prominently among the plant’s leaves.

God Bud Strain Grow Info

The God Bud strain’s growth difficulty is rated as moderate to difficult, which makes it an unsuitable strain for a novice grower to try their hand at. It is a high maintenance plant to cultivate due to the extensive amount of pruning that is required to keep this plant’s shape under control.


As already mentioned, this plant produces heavy branching and dense buds. So, as well as pruning and training, growers will need to use trellises to help support the plant’s branches. This will help to optimize air circulation and provide the buds with ample space between them to flourish.

This strain can be grown in both soil and hydroponically, but it does best when grown outdoors in a warm, and sunny climate. If growing this plant indoors, the Sea of Green (SOG) method is highly recommended by experienced God Bud growers. A God Bud plant is quite a heavy feeder too, so it is recommended that you top-dress it using organic nutrients to achieve the most substantial yield possible.

While a God Bud plant can handle colder climates, the optimal temperature for growing this strain in is between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important also to keep a close watch on humidity levels in your grow setup as this plant can be negatively affected by high humidity levels.

Indoor growers utilizing the SOG method can expect an average yield of approximately four ounces of bud per square meter. Those growing their God Bud outdoors in a warm and balmy climate can expect an average yield of roughly three ounces per plant. The flowering period for the God Bud strain is around 7-8 weeks, with mid-to-late October being the ideal time of year for outdoor harvesting.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest THC content recorded in a God Bud sample is believed to be a staggering 27%. The average THC level for the God Bud strain ranges between 14-22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

A much more modest CBD level offsets the relatively high THC content of the God Bud strain. The highest known level is around 0.10%.

Medical Benefits of the God Bud Strain

The God Bud strain is an extremely popular strain among the medicinal cannabis community. Its strong indica effects relax both body and mind. This strain is popular among sufferers of chronic stress, who say that the combination of its relaxing effects coupled with its uplifting, mood-boosting high helps them to destress, relax, and unwind.

Despite being an indica-dominant strain, God Bud produces a pleasant cerebral high, which can offer temporary relief from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The God Bud strain is also moderately effective at alleviating painful conditions such as muscle aches and pains, as well as headaches.

Due to its soporific effects, the God Bud strain is best suited to late evening or nighttime use. Smokers of God Bud say that as the evening progresses, the strain’s indica effects gradually leaves them feeling more and more tired. For this reason, the God Bud strain is becoming increasingly popular with marijuana smokers who suffer from insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of the God Bud Strain

The most commonly reported side effects associated with smoking the God Bud strain is cottonmouth and dry eyes. In some cases, where smokers have overindulged on this pretty potent strain, they have reported feeling increased anxiety and paranoia, as well as feeling a bit dizzy.

If you are a novice cannabis smoker, then you may want to proceed with caution. Perhaps try just a little to see how you tolerate this strain’s potency. More experienced cannabis smokers who use this strain in moderation are unlikely to experience any of the strain’s less common side effects.

Final Thoughts on the God Bud Strain

A top quality and multi-award-winning indica-dominant strain, God Bud is perfect for late evening or nighttime use. Its relaxing and uplifting effects make this strain an excellent choice for destressing and unwinding after a long and busy day. Highly (no pun intended) recommended.


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