Ghost breath


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Ghost breath


About Ghost breath Strain

The world of cannabis cultivation is so huge that it’s no surprise when mystery breeders pop up into the scene, but in the case of ThugPug Genetics, they’re crafting some seriously great bud without anyone knowing who they really are. One of their many creations is a hybrid dubbed Ghost breath, and she’s a cross between Ghost OG and Mendo Breath. Offering a very balanced set of effects for most users, this strain can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Perhaps the only catch is that Ghost breath is on the stronger side of things with a potency that tops out at 28% THC. Nugs are very fluffy with a dark green coloring that’s accented by amber pistils and very sparkly golden-colored trichomes. A complex set of flavors awaits you as Ghost breath incorporates a sweet and sour approach with hints of lime, earth, wood, and spice. As you exhale, notes of diesel come into the picture, creating a smoke that will linger in the air for a while. Some find that this final note is a dealbreaker for them, but if you’re more experienced than not, you’ll likely be able to handle it.

Given that this bud is a well-rounded hybrid, users can expect a nice blend of effects that are ideal for morning, noon, or night. Initially, a few tokes will end up offering a nice rush to the head, as many report that her ability to spark happiness is out of this world. Others are able to tap into their creative side, and for most,  infuses a desire to be social that can sometimes transform into arousal. Yet as any good hybrid would, she also includes a comedown that’s fairly relaxing and will likely leave you feeling fully functional while still being able to let go of your cares.

Including Ghostbreath in your home cultivation set-up might be a bit tricky, as locating seeds or clones of this strain is downright difficult. ThugPug themselves are fairly elusive, and any company that sells their seeds online doesn’t seem to have this strain in stock. If by some chance you’re able to grow your own, reports on her are pretty scarce at best, so we’d recommend consulting with an experienced cultivator. It is noted that she matures in about 8 to 10 weeks and can get quite tall.

Perhaps this bud’s name stems from more than just her genetics, as you’re about as likely to find her as you would be hunting down a ghost and smelling its breath. However, we’re holding out hope that this strain will become easier to find across the world – with enticing flavors and a wonderfully balanced set of effects, there’s no reason she shouldn’t be more popular.


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