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There are plenty of strains out there with almost limitless info available, whether that is just online or at your local dispensary.

However, just because a strain does not have a ton of info available does not mean it isn’t a great strain. Sweet Soma is an excellent example of this – it is a unique strain with tons of incredible properties. Yet, you will struggle to find much detailed information about it other than its most basic details.

So, to help inform you and allow you to make an actual decision regarding what cannabis strain to get, here is everything there is to know about the Sweet Soma strain.

What Is the Sweet Soma Strain?

The Sweet Soma strain is a hybrid that leans towards the indica side of cannabis effects. Initially created by 00 Seeds Bank, this strain is well known for its exceptionally high yield, as well as its superimposing, heavily indica-leaning effects.

The big problem with this strain is that places that sell Sweet Soma buds and seeds don’t really seem to know much about it. It’s pretty likely that its origins lie in the Somango strain, but its other parent is a mystery. It’s probably a pure indica, but what that strain is, no one knows.


Even with the effects of this strain, people are still somewhat confused. While everyone is familiar with its indica-leaning hybrid effects, the sequence of the high, and how intense it will be, remain a mystery.

Expect to feel a crashing wave of relaxation quickly after smoking Sweet Soma. It is difficult to imagine relaxation as a physical force that knocks you down, but Sweet Soma somehow manages to cultivate it.

Your body will feel as if the puppet strings are cut, and you will be totally incapable of lifting yourself off of the nearest comfortable surface. However, unlike most other potent indicas, you will not find yourself suffering or feeling overwhelmed. The sensation of the inability to move will quickly fade, leaving you with a profound feeling of euphoria and gentle happiness.

As it has such a strong THC content, expect to find that this strain leaves you feeling a little bit tired towards the end, making it a great strain to use in the evening.


The initial aroma of the Sweet Soma is one of strangely acidic fruit. There is just a little bit of general fruitiness, but the primary smell is one of ripe mangos.

If you ever smelled mangoes fresh off of the tree, almost approaching the point of being overripe, then you will find the smell of this strain familiar.

It is also sweet-smelling, a bit like candy floss.


The taste of this strain is remarkably similar to its aroma. The first thing you will notice is the same blissful taste of mangos. It is tropical, fresh, and just overall sweet and highly pleasant.

The smoke fills your mouth and leaves you with that super smooth and tangy aroma; only it’s more potent than it appears in the smell.

It tastes almost exactly like a slightly overripe mango, with perhaps a touch of acidity. The closest comparison would probably be something like a small amount of lime juice squirted over the top, though your impressions might differ, as the acidity is exceptionally subtle.


The primary characteristic of the appearance of the Sweet Soma strain is one of sticky, slightly tacky resin.

The ever so slightly shiny appearance of this bud is an excellent indication of its future effects. Other than that, it is pretty ordinary – it has those same orange pistils that poke through the green leaves of the bud, as well as just a hint of white trichomes.

All of this combines to make a somewhat average looking, if especially sticky, example of a cannabis bud.

Sweet Soma Strain Grow Info

Growing this strain requires Sweet Soma strain seeds, which are decently easy to find online.

Sweet Soma has a tendency to grow decently well, regardless of what conditions you subject it to. It also grows pretty tall, so make sure that you give it adequate room to grow. It is also well known for flowing surprisingly early.

Some people report that Sweet Soma flowers even a little bit before the standard eight weeks, making it one of the faster strains around. It also doesn’t need any unique techniques to help it grow, as it is surprisingly effective at doing pretty well on its own.

However, if you want to really encourage a higher yield, there are a few things you can do. For starters, you can practice a technique known as topping. This is as simple as cutting off the top of the Sweet Soma plant. This encourages the plant to grow more sideways, something known as lateral growth.

Lateral growth leads to more bud production, rather than more leaves and stems, something you want to encourage if you have the time to spare.

Just make sure you keep it well fertilized, as well as happily watered; Sweet Soma has a tendency to require high nitrogen as well as excessive watering, so either water it frequently, or set up an automatic watering system.

This might also be a great strain to try out using self-irrigating planters, especially using the sea of green method.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Sweet Soma cannabis strain has a high THC content of around 22%. The precise amount of THC present is slightly unclear, with some studies finding as little as 15%, while others have shown Sweet Soma’s THC level to be as high as 25%.

Even at the lower end of the scale, 15% is still considered high for a hybrid strain. Sweet Soma is definitely a strain that should be used with caution, given its physically powerful effects and THC levels.

For those who have a low THC tolerance, the initial effects of Sweet Soma can feel scary and, in some cases, even cause anxiety attacks. When used in moderation, though, Sweet Soma provides a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unsurprisingly, Sweet Soma has an extremely low CBD content of less than 1%. It is rare to find a strain that has both high CBD and THC levels, and therefore Sweet Soma’s almost non-existent CBD content is exactly what you would expect from this hybrid strain.

The low levels of CBD found within Sweet Soma do not make it a complete write off when it comes to considering Sweet Soma as a medical strain. In fact, there are many reasons why Sweet Soma could prove to be an effective medicinal strain for some people.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Soma Strain

Many of the medical benefits that occur when smoking Sweet Soma come from the strain’s ability to send your body into a state of total relaxation.

Sweet Soma is particularly useful when looking to treat chronic aches and pains. As the effects of Sweet Soma start to take hold, your body seems to enter a state of complete peace, with your limbs feeling as though they have become detached from your body.

When smoking larger doses of Sweet Soma, pain melts away, and you can enjoy the relaxing effects of the high and a few pain-free hours.

Sweet Soma is not quite as ideal at treating pain, however, when you have a busy day planned. The sedative effects of Sweet Soma make it extremely difficult to do anything more than lounge on the sofa and become lost in your own thoughts.

Sweet Soma can also be effective at treating migraines, giving you a break from the building tension that feels as though it is consuming every element of your thoughts. The effects of Sweet Soma quickly take hold, making the pain disappear before your eyes.

The calming, sedative effects that are felt when smoking Sweet Soma can be used to treat insomnia. As your mind drifts into an intoxicated state of bliss switching off from your physical body, it becomes a lot easier to fall into a deep sleep.

As is the case with almost every cannabis strain, there are a few potentially harmful effects that can occur with Sweet Soma. It is worth being aware of these before deciding whether it is the right strain for you.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Soma Strain

The most common effect that is felt when smoking Sweet Soma is dry mouth. A temporary effect and one that causes no real health concerns, dry mouth leaves the roof and sides of your mouth feeling slightly furry and irritated. Dry mouth can be somewhat prevented by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

Not quite as common as dry mouth, dry eyes can sometimes occur when smoking Sweet Soma. You may find that your eyes take on a red, slightly tired appearance and feel itchy. The effects of dry eyes do not usually last more than a few hours.

As a result of Sweet Soma having a higher than average THC content, some people find that it can cause them to experience anxiety attacks or a generalized sense of panic. Such adverse effects are much more likely to occur for those who already suffer from such conditions or who are already feeling slightly anxious.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Soma Strain

Sweet Soma is an indica-dominant strain that really packs a punch and has the ability to leave you sedated for several hours at a time. If you are looking for a way to unwind and block out reality for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, Sweet Soma is the ideal strain for you.

Sweet Soma’s sweet citrus flavor and high THC content definitely make it a deeply relaxing strain that indica lovers cannot afford to miss.


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