Dutch Dragon


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Dutch Dragon


About Dutch Dragon

Tasting like tangerines, Dutch Dragon is a mostly Sativa landrace strain with a 15-20% THC range. This strain produces a very cerebral high. User report experiencing euphoria, uplifted mood, a bout of giggles, and increased levels of creativity. Dutch Dragon’s relaxing Indica-based properties are noticeable approximately 1-3 hours after use, but new users tend to fall asleep within one hour after ingesting. Headache, dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and even anxiety may be experienced with higher doses.

Despite being Sativa-dominant, this strain is recommended for late afternoon and evening use. The body melt associated with Dutch Dragon may ease aches and pains, but the strain is usually sought for its cerebral effect helpful in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also used to manage migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, nausea, and (to a lesser degree) seizures.

Dutch Dragon is bred by Paradise Seeds and comes from West Africa, where it grows naturally. The strain is about 75% Sativa and can thrive both indoors and out. Outside, in a warmer climate, these plants can reach up to nine feet and are ready for harvest in October. Inside, the strain flowers between nine and ten weeks. Dutch Dragon can provide a heavier than average yield if grown properly.


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