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Blue Gelato 41


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There is a great variety of cannabis strains offered on the market for marijuana users. People commonly choose weed to relieve different health conditions and relax. Some of the most popular strains used today are called Gelato and Bruce Banner. Let’s have a closer look at their features to be aware of the modern trends in the cannabis industry.Blue Gelato 41

Gelato is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. The ratio of Indica and Sativa is 55% and 45% accordingly. Gelato contains 20% THC that makes users feel high and enjoy euphoria.Blue Gelato 41

Gelato buds have quite large and very dense nugs covered with purple and orange hairs.  They are grape-shaped and also have a super sticky coating.

Bruce Banner is a powerful sativa dominant strain with high THC content reaching 30%. No surprise, it was called after the alter-ego of Hulk, a superhero that looks like a huge and powerful beast. Although this strain provides balanced Sativa and Indica effects, they are more inclined towards the Indica end of the spectrum.Blue Gelato 41

The parent strains of Bruce Banner are legendary OG Kush that gives a calming effect and Strawberry Diesel with its energizing features. The combination of these two famous strains provides smokers with a very exciting experience.

The coloration of the Bruce Banner flowers can go from light greenish to a deep green color. They also have some orangey strings that make their appearance more extraordinary. The Bruce Banner tree is rather tall and has numerous big and fluffy buds.


How do they taste?

They say Gelato is an insanely delicious strain. It has a flavor of a sweet sherbet with blueberry and orange accents.

Bruce Banner strains have the taste of pungent citrus, so you are recommended to try it if you enjoy peppery and citrusy notes.

You should bear in mind that weed flavor always depends on the smoking method you choose because different smoking devices give users different tastes. For instance, if one uses a short pipe of metal, there probably will be a bitter and quite unpleasant smoke. In case you choose a tobacco-mix blunt, you’ll get a softer and less irritating smoke with a taste of tobacco in there. Probably, the most pleasant flavor can be produced by a big old bong or a vaporizer.Blue Gelato 41

The aroma of the most popular strains

Smoking Gelato allows users to enjoy its sweet fragrance that reminds a mix of lavender, citrus, and berry.

Bruce Banner has a kinda odd and unusual smell with strong peppery and citrusy notes, so you won’t feel a typical earthy or herbal weed aroma.


The effects of top strains

Gelato is mostly loved for its amazing effects. Even though it has a slight indica dominance, it gives an incredible head high. For sure, Gelato won’t make you too sedated or couch-locked. Users often say that it starts with a cerebral head rush that provides euphoric feelings and an energy boost. One gets slightly focused just after smoking a strain. The state of blissful high is slowly transformed into a body buzz that leaves one absolutely relaxed and calm. People choose Gelato to feel an amazing sense of peace and well-being.

Moreover, individuals suffering from muscle spasms and chronic pain often use this strain to relieve their painful sensations. Inflammation may also be cured by smoking flavored Gelato weed. Some people use this cannabis strain to get rid of chronic fatigue as it makes them more energized. Also, Gelato may be applied as a remedy for headaches or migraines. As you see, there are numerous reasons to use Gelato except for its fantastic taste.

Similarly to Gelato, Bruce Banner has many positive effects. First of all, people smoke it to boost up their productivity and produce some creative ideas as it gives them a lot of energy. They choose Bruce Banner weed to get rid of constant fatigue and lift themselves up a bit. So a huge advantage of this strain is that it doesn’t hinder one’s ability to cope with daily activities but enhances it.Blue Gelato 41

Although there may be some negative effects like dizziness or dry mouth, they are typically not so intense to overweight positive features. Also, keep in mind that the effect of cannabis is influenced by its consumption method. If you smoke a Bruce Banner strain, you should expect a quick onset, soft offset, and a trip for about an hour. Consuming edibles with this weed is quite tricky because the effect usually comes after a couple of hours after eating them. At the same time, the trip itself always lasts significantly longer.

Hopefully, this detailed strain review helps you know exactly what to expect from Gelato and Bruce Banner joints. Both strains are commonly used for recreational purposes as well as for the treatment of some medical conditions. Even some famous people get inspired by these weed strains, namely Young Dolph and Peewee Longway who created tracks titled “Gelato”. Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, and Berner are also among the rappers that immortalized this cannabis strain in their songs. To improve your mood and have fun, you can smoke them in a company of some good friends.


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