Blue bookies Strain


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Blue bookies Strain


About Blue bookies Strain

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: rare barely scratches the surface of how to describe this strain. In fact it’s so rare, you can’t get it anywhere – not even directly from the source. This three-way cross between Miami White, Black Russian, and Purple Shiva Skunk seems like a really fun time, but since it has been discontinued with no return date at present, we’re not sure what to think of it ourselves.Blue bookies Strain

Even the breeders have said that the reputation of these seeds “had the ability to end friendships” over the supply and demand frenzie. Whether it is on temporary non-release or just a giant “coming soon” teaser that never arrives remains to be seen. Though the guys at Riot Seeds have said that this was one of their all-time best selling releases, it isn’t clear when the out of stock label will be removed.Blue bookies Strain

Breeders worked tirelessly to weed out all the negative traits of its predecessor plants, including one that was described to have a greasy meat smell to it, and came up with a strain that is as far away from nasty as one could get. The pink and purple hues of these all white nugs aren’t the only thing that makes this strain very special – the flavors and aromas range from kushy to pungent and tart. Anyone who loves the White or Kush families will understand that those descriptors are top notch. The plants are best grown indoors to preserve their potency and appearance.Blue bookies Strain

As far as effects and recreational or medicinal uses, it’s not totally clear. Because we don’t know the exact ratios of indica to sativa, we can make educated guesses, but in an effort to not spread misinformation we won’t. All in all, if you ever get your hands on Blood Kush, let us know what you think.


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